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The DUI & Appreciable Degree

Appreciable Degree Martini

Did you know that you can still get a DUI in Washington State if you blow below a 0.08? A recent Q&A article posted by The News Tribune uncovered this truth for a curious Tacoma reader. If you blow above a 0.08 you are guaranteed the accusation, but how can you manage to snag one if you score below the limit? Two words: appreciable degree.

What exactly is appreciable degree? It means that if authorities find you are unable to operate your vehicle because of impairment they are able to issue a DUI, regardless of your BAC. If you feel like you might have trouble driving after drinking, it may be time to call a cab. If your BAC is .01 but your still swerving, your night may result in a DUI.

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Source: The News Tribune

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