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Tried for Domestic Violence? Let Us Help You!

Domestic-ViolenceDomestic violence can include domestic abuse, spousal abuse, battering, family violence, dating abuse and intimate partner violence. It is important to know that you can be charged with domestic violence for physical aggression or assault including hitting, kicking, biting, shoving, restraining, slapping, throwing objects or battery. Intimidation, stalking, emotional abuse, controlling, domineering and economic deprivation are all forms of domestic violence. There are a myriad of different actions that can lead to prosecution for domestic violence. If any of these situations applies to you, abandon the relationship immediately and move on with your life.

If you are tried for a seattle domestic violence it is important to seek professional seattle defense attorney to secure your innocence. Domestic violence can lead to a forfeit of your rights including the right to possess a firearm. Jensen Legal can help protect your rights and preserve your clean record.

Even if the “victim” has dropped the charges it is very likely that the state will pick up the case and continue to prosecute you for the charges. The state will attempt to prove someone guilty. You could have been acting in self-defense, the identity of the person could be mistaken, or the overall charge could have been made with embellishment and overreaction. At Jensen Legal we want to consider all of the options in order to defend the domestic violence case properly.

While a public defender could take your case, you should understand that their inexperience and full load of cases could become detrimental to your situation. When it comes to your ability to preserve your clean record with the state, you want to have your named cleared in order to protect your ability to have or keep a job, apply for credit, apply for insurance, and be eligible for different positions or licenses of various kinds. Having a clean record can secure lifelong happiness and opportunities. At Jensen Legal we want to help secure that for you. Don’t let the charges ruin your life. Give us a call at (206)617-9173 or email us and our defense is yours!

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