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Need a Seattle Criminal Lawyer?

criminal-defense-seattleBeing tried for a crime can be very intimidating. It is important that you find an experienced Seattle criminal lawyer in order to receive fitting criminal defense legal advice. There are two main aspects that your criminal defense attorney will tell you. The first being that anything you say canand will be held against you in trial. You do have the right to remain silent, these are your Miranda Rights. If you have any liability or are worried in anyway then you need to hire a criminal lawyer immediately. The second important aspect to understand is that you don’t know what you are doing; your criminal attorney does. You have the right to good legal advice.

Jensen Legal has experience in a myriad of different cases. We have handled a diverse sector of legal incidents which will be very beneficial to you and your unique case. While no case is the exact same, it is important to hire a Seattle criminal lawyer with experience who knows what they are doing. Not only does Kris Jensen have experience in Seattle criminal defense but he is also a Judge Pro Tem. This knowledge and experience in a criminal defense attorney can be highly beneficial.

We urge you to seek an experienced and knowledgable Seattle or Tacoma criminal lawyer to discuss evidence and possible defenses in your criminal case. Don’t waste another minute and contact us today or call Jensen Legal at (206)617-9173.

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