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Seattle Wrongful Arrests

Seattle Wrongful ArrestDo you feel that you have been wrongfully arrested? One of the worst things that can happen in our country is to wrongfully convicted or arrest an innocent person. In order for these instances to cease, people need to protection from a strong and experienced criminal defense lawyer.

An arrest can be deemed wrongful when a person is detained or convicted without proper legal authority, the arrest of the wrong person, arrest based on race or pure malice, an arrest without just cause or an arrest of a person without the mention of the suspects’ Miranda Rights. Everyone has the right to proper legal protection. The average person can be unaware of the rights they are entitled to. Often, people are wrongfully arrested due to a negligence of the law in terms of rights for each citizen. A good defense lawyer can turn that wrongful arrest into a rightful release.

Some important things to keep in mind if you are arrested are that you don’t lose all your rights just because you are charged with a crime. Our American foundation is based on the saying, “innocent until proven guilty”. That belief lies at the foundation of our country and is treated with the utmost respect. Never let someone trick you into thinking that your rights have been denounced. People also have the right to remain silent and appeal to any bad decision made by the court. Your rights remain your rights unless you give them up.

The smartest thing to do when wrongfully arrested is to seek help from a professional criminal defense lawyer. At Jenson Legal we have represented people charged with every crime out there. The list ranges from driving charges to Assault, Kidnapping, Burglary and Murder. While each case is unique, we have the qualifications and experience to help. Don’t let go of your rights because you are convicted of a crime. Hold on to your rights and call Jensen Legal immediately at (206)617-9173 or email us Today.

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