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A Peek at the Facts: Sexual Assault


Sexual assault is a terrible thing that countless people of all ages, races, and genders experience. There are a lot of assumptions and myths associated with assault, but with the right education we can all become more aware. Check out a few facts about this type of abuse:

Dress, or any other kind of behavior, does not provoke assault:

“They had it coming” does not exist, all demographics experience assault. Lust is not to blame- the need to feel powerful is.

2.5% of men report experiencing sexual assault:

The numbers are fuzzy because of the social assumption that masculinity is defined by strength, causing many cases to go unreported. These two elements explain why male victims are at an increased risk of substance abuse and depression.

2/3 of rape victims know perpetrator:

Most rape and assault victims revealed that they knew their perpetrator. Tests revealed that 38% were friends or acquaintances, 28% were intimate partners, and 7% were relatives.

Verbal abuse is no better:

Verbal abuse is recognized by the National Institutes of Health, the CDC, and other government agencies as a form of sexual assault. Words cut like a knife, and can result in long-term emotional and mental trauma for the victim.

There is no common date rape drug:

A study conducted by Canada’s Coalition Against Violence revealed that ketamine, ecstasy, rohypnol, and GHB were the drugs that turned up the most. These drugs are usually combined with alcohol so they can be consumed easily and have a stronger effect. Testing for these drugs proves problematic, however, because the body metabolizes them so quickly that they are no longer present in the bloodstream by the time the victim files a report.

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