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Seattle Attorney – Assault At Football Games Between Fans

Seattle Attorney

Seattle Attorney FansLast week our blog post was about how certain football teams were taking a stand for domestic violence and raising awareness for the issue. This week we want to discuss how a lot of times violence can occur at the football games as well. We aren’t specifically talking about domestic violence cases in this situation, but rather violence in general. America loves football, and football loves America. Football is considered one of America’s main sports and is presented as such. With any kind of professional sporting event (whether it is Baseball, Soccer, Hockey or something else) there are bound to be disagreements between family, friends and fans. Naturally, a football game is setup so that there are two opposing teams and therefore two opposing fan bases. When things get intense and there is a bad call or if the game is a big one (which is every one to dedicated fans) fights can break out.

We aren’t just talking about friendly disagreements and fights, but full-out brawls and fist fights. There have been records of people getting hurt at sporting events because of a crowd of fans or a single person that attacks the opposing team’s fans. These kind of actions aren’t as rare as you would think. Even football games at a highschool or college level get fans heated and angry. How does this have anything to do with our Seattle attorney?

Well, for one: the Seattle Seahawks are doing a great job this season which means that fans can get more attached to the games and therefore get more emotional about them. Our Seattle attorney wants to make sure you understand that a fight (even at a football game) is considered assault and can be charged as such.

With that being said, if you or your close ones find yourself in any sort of assault or violent activity make sure to contact us and we can let you know what the best way for us to help you would be.

We want the best for you. We will do everything in our legal power to assist your legal issues and come to a resolution. Nobody enjoys being stuck in a legal bind because of the uneasiness that comes with it. Read more about our services here. Our Seattle attorney is standing by waiting to help you.


  1. K Jensen:

    At Jensen Legal we are frequently called upon to defend athletic game assault or harassment charges. Sometimes the charges are warranted, sometimes they completely lack basis. Witnesses in these cases are often difficult to reach and/or do not live in the local area. All cases are worthy of a defense.

  2. A.M.W.:

    My brother was recently punched and bullied at a soccer game, after he taunted a fan from the opposing team. What recourse does our family have to press charges against him since he taunted the man first? Does that matter?

    Thanks, A.M.W.

  3. Kris Jensen:

    Your first avenue of recourse is to call the police. Do not hesitate, because your version loses credibility the longer you wait. Help the police with their report by being cooperative and sincere.

    Your other method is to file a civil lawsuit against the person.

    Kris Jensen

  4. Kris Jensen:

    Yes, you are welcome to tweet about this blog post.