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Jensen Legal handles criminal defense cases throughout Western Washington, including King County, Pierce County and Snohomish County, including Seattle, Everett, Bellevue, Kirkland, Renton and Federal Way. We handle criminal cases from traffic matters to murder charges.

Here are a few cases we’ve handled:

State v. WW, 2012:  Juvenile case, King County.  Allegations of rape 2. Client had gone over to girl’s house for a “booty call”.  She claimed not a “booty call” and that he forced sex. During investigations of the case we kept tabs on her friends and she ended up telling one of her friends that no rape happened.  Case dismissed.  Getting to know client and client’s family was main reason we were able to find out about the extra statement.

State v. RMc, 2013:  City of Seatac.  Jury trial for DUI. Client fell asleep in his stopped car at intersection at 2 am. Cops believe he’s drunk and passed out, arrest and take to the station. Defendant does not take breath test, cops say he knowingly refused test. Client testifies that he was tired from extra long day at work and that car had stalled. Not guilty.

State v. MR, 2013:  King County.  Five week jury trial for Assault 4, Assault 2, Burglary 1 with sexual motivation, Rape 1 in presence of minor. Not guilty all counts, jury does not find alleged victim to be credible. Extensive pretrial interviews of witnesses made the big difference in achieving not guilty verdict. Client would have served 30 years if we had lost.

State v. RR: King County. Charged with Murder in the Second Degree. Maximum penalty was 18 years. Negotiated and pled to Manslaughter in the Second Degree, with a sentence of 15 months jail and no probation after release.

State v. JP: Thurston County. Client charged with rape when 15 year old daughter decides to get dad in trouble, then alleges mom punched her in ribs. Both parents charged. Both parents pass polygraph tests. Many witnesses hear 15 year old saying that she was just doing this to get back at dad for not letting her date her new boyfriend. After several months of defense this case was dismissed. These parents are awesome and should never have been charged with anything.

State v. BK: Pierce County. Charged with Murder in the Second Degree. Trial with self defense. Jury found not guilty by reason of self defense. Court awarded defense over $70K in attorney’s fees for defense of the case, including BK’s lost wages.

State v. JY: Aggressive prosecution of eight charges, including false imprisonment, use of a gun and intimidation. Maximum penalty about 200 months. Result: Dismissed two of the more serious charges during trial, and then found guilty on only three counts plus 6 months weapon enhancement (no gun enhancement found).

State v. PW: Charged with Assault. This was not this client’s first offense. Result: Pled to misdemeanor or malicious mischief and credit for time already served.

City v. MR: Charged with Assault. Stipulated Order of Continuance. Client performed 20 hours of community service and case dismissed.

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