Sex Crimes & Sexual Offenses: Washington State Criminal Defense Attorney

Have You Been Accused of a Sex Crime?

If you have been accused of child sex abuse, luring and aggravated sexual assault or child pornography, keep in mind you are entitled to an aggressive criminal defense. The justice system is set up to protect your rights, but defense against sex crimes presents its own set of obstacles for the accused. If you are convicted of a sex crime the consequences can extend far beyond jail time, it can affect your livelihood and your ability to obtain and hold certain professional licenses.

Often, the stigma of the sexual crime charge alone can be stressful, even if you are innocent, people may presume you are guilty.

Once accused, your life may never be the same again. If you are convicted, you may be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of your life. The penalties for serious sex offenses have been increased through legislative actions. Being charged or convicted of a sexual offense can affect every aspect of your existence in the future.

It is important that you fight the charges and get an experienced sex crime criminal defense attorney to protect your Constitutional rights. If you have been falsely accused of a sex crime it is a very serious situation and the case will be difficult to defend. The prosecutor and the public will assume you are guilty.

Professional Licensing Consequences

Conviction of a sex crime or domestic violence charge can have far reaching and financially devastating effects on professionals required to obtain licenses as a part of their professional career. You could lose your professional license and your ability to be employed in your career path forever.

An experienced sexual crime defense attorney knows the rules and can help navigate the legal system to craft solutions that may enable you to keep your license. You need the best legal representation available. Your freedom may depend on it.

Two Washington State legislative actions regulate the discipline of Professional Licensing in conviction of sex crimes or domestic violence charges. The Uniform Regulation of Business and Professions Act, RCW 18.235; the other is the Regulation of Health Professionals – Uniform Disciplinary Act, RCW 18.130

Juvenile Sex Offenders

The Special Sex Offender Disposition Alternative (SSODA) is a suspended sentence requiring outpatient treatment. Many juvenile sex offenders have been sexually, physically and emotionally abused.

Sexually Violent Predators

Washington State legislature enacted a post–release involuntary commitment law in 1990 authorizing the civil commitment of sexually violent predators at the end of their sentence. The Court has determined through a jury hearing, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the offender is likely to engage in predatory acts of sexual violence if they are released.

Sexually violent predators suffer from a mental abnormality or personality disorder that prevents them from full recovery and safe re–entry into society after they have completed their original sentence for the crime(s) they were convicted of. These individuals have been found to be an extreme threat to the public and are incarcerated for an indefinite duration on McNeil Island in a prison facility designed specifically to house and treat repeat sex crime offenders.

Sex Offender Registration

The Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs Sex Offender Watch® registered sex offender management and community notification tool is available online.

Experienced Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Law Firm

If you have been accused or convicted of a sex crime, talk with a defense lawyer about the evidence, facts and possible defenses in your sexual offense case. Contact an experienced sex crime criminal law defense attorney right away.