Restraining Orders: Protect Your Safety First

An Order for Protection: Why You Need a No Contact Order

No Contact Order (NOCON) or Order of No Contact (ORNC)

Washington State has several types of protection or harassment orders.

  • Domestic Violence Protection Orders: RCW 26.50 covers many types of people who need protection orders.
  • Restraining Orders involving Dissolution Proceedings: RCW 26.09 covers many of these issues.
  • Non Domestic Violence Orders for Antiharassment: RCW 10.14 covers these issues. Specifically, these are authorized by RCW and are appropriate when “the respondent’s course of conduct appears designed to alarm, annoy, or harass the petitioner”. See RCW 10.14.030.

The situation and the degree of violence or harm that has been done to the victim(s) will determine how the accused is charged. Previous arrests or convictions may also have an effect on your case.

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