Assault Arrests and Convictions

Assault Arrests and Convictions

Your defense depends on having an experienced criminal defense attorney handle your case. Communication with you is top level important. Assault cases present some of the most difficult fact patterns to prosecutors because their witnesses usually have ulterior motives against the charged person. A good defense attorney can show prosecutors and a jury these motives in order to best defend your case. A defense attorney who does not prepare the case or misses these details will not serve you well.

At Jensen Legal we’ve handled many, many assault cases. In fact, call and ask if we´ve ever seen your case before. Odds are we’ve handled something like yours in the past.


  • Self Defense
  • Defense of Others
  • Separating Relationship (where the “victim” reports an event to create a better separation agreement).
  • Alibi (you were somewhere else)

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To talk with a defense lawyer about the evidence and possible defenses in your assault case, contact an experienced criminal law defense attorney right away.