Domestic Violence: Convictions and Arrests

Have You Been Charged with Domestic Violence?

Seattle Domestic Violence

Have you decided whether or not you´ll stay with this person? The answer to this question often influences how we will handle your case. On the other hand, you may not know the answer until well after the case is settled. Regardless, you need the experience of an attorney who knows how to navigate the many conflicts in these cases.

What if the “reporting” person wants to drop the charges and pretend like nothing ever happened? They are probably not in charge of the case at this point. The prosecutors are in charge and they´ll probably want to prosecute anyway. This might mean the reporting party wants to contradict what they reported on the night of the incident.

There are many conflicts in these cases, so hire someone who will communicate with you and handle the case effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are in the middle of a Domestic Dispute, here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

How Will Convictions Affect a Professional License?

At Jensen Legal we take that into consideration. Do you have a Security Clearance or are you subject to background checks by your employer? We´ve handled many of these cases for employees of many of the County´s largest employers.

Protective Orders | Restraining Orders

If someone has a protection order against you, or vice versa, that Order is a record the police can quickly obtain. Let´s say you are stopped for speeding or not having tabs on your car. You need to assume the police know about the protection order at the time they first walk up to your car. That is important because they will treat you differently.

Protecting Clients Against False Charges

There are many studies out there talking about when people don´t tell the truth. In an open environment, kids are reported to tell the truth very often. However, when it´s one spouse against the other, kids are often used as the Pawn and their truthfulness drops significantly. There are not good formulas to the science, only good working knowledge.

A good attorney will listen to you and assess the motivations of all the witnesses.

Challenging Domestic Violence Charges

Charges of Assault, Battery, Rape, and Harassment can all be bargained with the prosecutors. Very often it´s possible to resolve these cases over time with no criminal conviction. Just a dismissal. Your attorney will have to work on this case and will have to support you through all the issues.

Domestic Violence Defenses

Here are a few:

  • Using other witnesses as the “Pawn”
  • Self defense
  • Mistaken identity
  • Embellishment and overreaction

These are all good defenses and might apply to your case.

We Help Reduce the Charges When Possible

That´s the name of the game. Get your case reduced when possible. Fight that case and win if necessary. After full consultation with Jensen Legal, the choice will be yours on how to handle your case.

Experienced Domestic Violence Seattle Criminal Defense Attorney

To talk with a domestic violence defense lawyer about the facts, evidence and possible defenses against domestic violence charges in your case, contact an experienced Tacoma and Seattle criminal law defense attorney right away.