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How Red Light Cameras Function

Here’s a scenario that has happened to many of us: you’re driving down an unfamiliar road enjoying the scenery when you approach an intersection. As you’re within seconds of entering the intersection the light turns red and you notice a large silver box mounted on a pole; the dreaded traffic camera. To stop, or not to stop? That is the question.

So how exactly do traffic cameras work?

Believe it or not, most of the camera technology is located underground. Metal wires placed in specific areas underneath the pavement on the intersection trigger the camera when a car passes illegally into an intersection.

Mounted red light cameras can also be programmed to notice when a car passes into an intersection when a light turns red. As a car enters into the field of the camera, it takes frame by frame photos until the car passes through the intersection. The camera can pick up subtle differences as the car is driving and makes note when the light is scheduled to change. In the end, these cameras can easily catch a driver cruising through a light that’s not green or yellow.

Now that you have some knowledge on how red light cameras work, hopefully you can avoid those pesky red light tickets!

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