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Lance Armstrong’s Drug Charges

Lance Armstrong - Tour de France

Courtesy of The Washington Post

Lance Armstrong is a name synonymous with cycling. He has claimed victory to the Tour de France seven times, was a competition cyclist for 25 years, and won the battle with testicular cancer. Yet a year after retirement from competition cycling and now competing in Ironman triathlons, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) has slapped him in the face with doping charges.

The USADA claims that Armstrong has been cheating, despite the fact that he has taken more than 500 drug tests and never tested positive. Apparently, because there are now so many ways to mask drug use, the agency is resorting to witness testimonials.

The Washington Post states:

“Armstrong’s defense plans to argue the witnesses were coerced into accusing Armstrong in order to receive protection or immunity for their own transgressions – a tactic used in the Roger Clemens trial – according to an report.”

These charges are the latest in a series of accusations against the world renowned cyclist. However, coming from the USADA, it may also be the most serious.

The USADA is a 12 year old agency that rarely, if ever, loses a case. However few of their cases were against athletes with “the financial means or iconic status of Armstrong.”

On passing more than 500 drug tests, Armstrong stated:

“That USADA ignores this fundamental distinction and charges me instead of the admitted dopers says far more about USADA, its lack of fairness and this vendetta than it does about my guilt or innocence. And fair consideration of these allegations has and will continue to vindicate me.”

Due to the accusations, Armstrong has been banned in competing in events run by the World Triathlon Corporation (WTC), pending his investigation. Though Armstrong has been focusing on competing in WTC events in his retirement, he is still eligible to compete in USA Triathlon-sanctioned races.

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